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New laws will FORCE restaurants and bars to display calorie labels on menus.

Food outlets will be forced to display calorie counts on their menus under new laws due to be introduced this year.

In a bid to tackle the country’s growing obesity problem, the Cabinet has signed off on plans to make bars, restaurants and takeaways list the calorie content of their food.

All menus, including boards, leaflets and digital menus, will have to display calorie counts alongside cost.

Examples of restaurant-type foods that are covered.

  • Meals from sit-down restaurants
  • Foods purchased at drive-through windows
  • Take-out food, such as pizza
  • Foods, such as made-to-order sandwiches, ordered from a menu or menu board at a grocery store or delicatessen, Pubs, hotels, etc
  • Foods you serve yourself from a salad or hot food bar 
  • Muffins at a bakery or coffee shop
  • Popcorn purchased at a movie theater or amusement park
  • A scoop of ice cream, milk shake or sundae from an ice cream store
  • Hot dogs or frozen drinks prepared on site in a convenience or warehouse store.

Consumers are sometimes fooled into thinking that certain foods are healthier. ‘Food options can be deceptive,’ he said. ‘Some salads contain more calories than a burger meal. But if we make the information clearly available, at the very least people can make an informed choice.

- Leo Varadkar Minister for Health -


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