Books Published on Harry Clarke

Harry Clarke ‘Dark Beauty’

Dark Beauty focuses on the minute detail in Harry Clarke’s stained-glass windows, particularly in the borders and lower panels of his work. Clarke’s brilliance as a graphic artist is clearly visible in his book illustrations, which are imbued with precise attention to intricate designs, and he applied the same lavish focus to every facet of his stained glass.



Praise for Dark Beauty

‘The research in Dark Beauty is scholarly and thorough with an engaging passion and intimacy, examining the smaller sections in Clarke’s windows, minute details which are often overlooked; it’s as much for the Harry Clarke expert as for people like me, who know a fraction about the artist but are drawn to beautiful, dark things, with a touch of magic.’
Ruth McKee, The Irish Times

‘Most of [Clarke’s] details are almost invisible to the reviewer from ground level but Cullen’s photographs illustrate them to perfection throughout Costigan’s descriptive text. … Beautifully illustrated throughout, Dark Beauty is a welcome, accessible primer for the general public who will be as entranced and delighted by Clarke’s stained glass as Lucy Costigan as a young student in the 1980s.’
Amanda Croft, Familia: Ulster Genealogical Review.

Strangest Genius the stained Glass of Harry Clarke

I had a book published in 2010 by the Irish History Press called ‘Strangest Genius the stained Glass of Harry Clarke’ with Lucy Costigan. This book was Shortlisted for best Irish Published Book of the Year 2010, and shortlisted for Book of the Decade (Dublin Book Festival, 2016).

In 2015 ‘The Harry Clarke Colouring Book’ was published by the History Press.

Ireland’s best selling art book, Best seller on Amazon, Best seller by the Irish History Press.

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