Wedding live streaming service LIVE from Waterford Castle

Weddings Live Streaming in Ireland

Wedding live streaming service LIVE from Waterford Castle
Live Stream from Waterford Castle to the USA

.Wedding Live Streaming Waterford Castle
We set up a private internet connection on the top of the roof at
the castle.

LIVE broadcasting your Wedding with a beautiful wedding celebration live from the private island at Waterford Castle, in collaboration with Irish Images FILM.

Join us as we Sit back, relax, and indulge in the mesmerizing live streaming experience from the comfort of your home. We are dedicated to capturing every precious moment, each heartfelt emotion, and every ounce of love that fills this breathtaking celebration.

Be a part of this extraordinary event as we transport you to the castle, where distance fades away, and love knows no bounds.


Re-Watch Your Ceremony Immediately

You no longer have to wait weeks to remember your wedding ceremony. Our live streaming platform allows you to re-watch the stream immediately after the live stream finishes. We have had plenty of feedback from our couple who enjoy being able re-watching the wedding stream after the festivities have concluded.


Perfect for Distant Guests and Destination Weddings at Waterford Castle

Live stream, can anyone online see my wedding? Not at all. We provide you with a private streaming page so that only those who you’ve shared the link with will be able to watch.